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Prices of Water Tanks in Kenya

Water supply in Kenya is characterized by low levels of access particularly in urban slums and in rural areas, as well as poor service quality in the form of intermittent water supply. These and so many other reasons have prompted citizens to turn to water tanks in Kenya, which have proven to be more reliable than piped water and other sources.

Water tanks in Kenya come in different materials, shapes, sizes, and applications. However, as of now the most popular water tanks in Kenya are the ones made from plastic, the reason being that this kind of water tank is durable, affordable, and easy to install.

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There are mainly 3 shapes of plastic water tanks. These are; rectangular, cylindrical horizontal, and cylindrical vertical tanks. The latter is the most popular and its size ranges from 100 litres up to 24, 000 litres while the rectangular and cylindrical horizontal tanks are the less popular, and their sizes range from 250 litres to 2500 litres.

To narrow down our list, will put more emphasis on the prices of the cylindrical vertical tanks (also known as the standard cylindrical tanks) which are the most popular in Kenya. But, just to mention, the prices of the rectangular and cylindrical horizontal tanks range from about Ksh. 6,285 to Ksh. 16,245, and from Ksh 2,300 to Ksh. 319,480 respectively.

Prices of the standard cylindrical water tanks in Kenya as of 2022

Capacity (in Liters)

Price (in Ksh)

100-500 2,300- 7,000
500-1000 8,000- 12,000
1000-1500 12,000- 16, 000
1500-2000 16000- 20,500
2000-3000 20,500-27,600
3000-4000 27,600-42,550
4000-5000 42,500-51,800
6000 59,900
8000 83,200
10000 105,500
16000 214,500
20000 294,800
24000 319,500


The information above was sourced from Nairobi-based manufacturing companies’ websites. That means the prices may vary when buying from a distributor/outlet/retailer and also depending on where you are buying from.

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    Thank you.

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  4. I live in Uganda and in need a rectangular plastic water tank tailor-made ( dimensions) to suit the place where i am to install.

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