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There are many advantages that come with buying a pre-owned or used diesel generator. Companies, both large and small occasionally buy used diesel generators as it is considered a cost-effective way to access high-quality equipment.   To ensure you get the right product and full value for your money, there are several factors to be considered when buying generators. In this article, we look at the prices of different brands of used generators. But first, we highlight factors that affect the prices of generators.

Age, Hours, and Usage

When buying a used diesel generator, the first thing to consider is to check the hours, age, and history of the generator. Like cars, generators always have an odometer reading that is used to record the generator’s hours of operation. In addition to hours of operation, it is also good to inquire how the generator was used. A generator that has been used as a standby or backup power source will typically be better maintained and have much less wear than the one used as a prime power source.

It is also good to note that in many cases, the age and usage information is simply not available. This is because many dealers acquire these generators through things like foreclosures and auctions. They therefore sometimes don’t have any idea where it came from or what it was used for in the past.

Manufacturer History and Reputation

Although the model and make of the generator may not be a major factor to consider, the manufacturer’s history and reputation play a big role when selecting a used diesel generator. Since a generator is something that you will rely on for power for some time, it is not good to use short-cuts when buying one. It is good to buy from a trusted manufacturer who has a good reputation.

How well has it been maintained?

You also need to inquire and find out how the generator has been used over time. This is another area you may need to look at the generator’s historical information.  You need to check the seller’s knowledge of the maintenance and repair of the generator. You can determine the seller’s knowledge and experience in regards to the level of maintenance given to the generator by simply asking about the procedures they use. This is important since a well-maintained and/or rebuilt generator set will have a much longer life than one that is simply changing hands from a broker to end-user, or end-user to end-user.

Look out for Physical Wear and Tear

It is good to conduct a good inspection and look out for wear and tear. Like any other mechanical device, a generator is prone to wear and tear during operation. During the physical inspection, look out for wear or fatigue in all mechanical components. Look out for cracks and corrosion on the exposed parts.

In case you find any part that is questionable, required to be repaired or replaced. It should be replaced by components recommended by the generator’s manufacturer. Occasionally, you may come across a generator that has a different engine from the one installed by the manufacturer. While that is a sign that something was replaced and it was obviously worked on at some point, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal-breaker as long as the individual components were installed by a certified technician, tested extensively, and it stills come with some type of guarantee from the dealer.

Used Generator Prices

Generator Brand Hours clocked Prices
Cummins 25,000 $69,000-$72,000
Caterpillar 30,000 $75,000-$79,000
Generac 20,000 $70,000-$75,000
John Deere 35,000 $72-$75,000

Disclaimer: Prices quoted are approximations and averages from various online platforms that selling used diesel generators.  These prices are subject to change depending on the region, age of the machine, and the dealer.

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