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The cost of block making machines

The emergency of skyscrapers is credited for the quick emergence of block-making machines. They have been around for quite some time. The modern block making equipment is not a result of a gradual invention or evolution but rather an abrupt invention driven by an earlier invention of the machine with adjustable removable molds capable of producing solid blocks. The late 20th century was a period characterized rapid development of technology in all fields. The period also experienced tremendous population growth. This caused a great demand for multi-story buildings.  Today skyscrapers are built all over the world for this very same purpose. These multi-story buildings are very difficult to design and to build.

To reduce the total weight of the building and to fortify the building against tough natural conditions concrete blocks are used. This is where the concrete block making machine is used to make the blocks.

Types of concrete block making machines

Concrete block making machines are not very complicated especially semi-automatic ones. Generally, a block making machine ought to be strong and sturdy because it deals with cement and heavyweight mortar. A concrete block machine uses pressure and vibration to form different kinds of concrete products with different molds. There are two general block making machines by their working system.

Mobile Concrete Block Making Machine

Also called a bricklaying machine, the mobile concrete block making machine is able to move from one place to another. The mobile concrete brick making machine is smaller in size and has a lower capacity compared to the stationary ones.

Stationary Concrete Block Making Machine

A stationary concrete block making machine is built on a hard, concrete foundation. The machine produces concrete products using pallets. They are also called brick making machines and have different automation levels and capacities. Stationary concrete block-making machines come in different capacities that the production target should guide your selection.

Automatic Stationary Plants

These machines are made with batch processing, automated concrete mixing, and pressing systems. The machines also have a system of conveyors that transfer the blocks. The productivity of these machines, depending on the block type, can range from 12.000 to 20.000 blocks in 8 hours. Human effort is minimal. These are the most expensive machines.

These machines come in different levels of automation and the right automation level is mainly determined by the cost of labor. In a semi-automatic machine, the pallets are delivered to the curing section by handcarts however in automatic concrete block-making machines these are done by pallet collecting robots (stacker robots) and forklift.

For semi-automatic machines, you need about 7 personnel but for automatic machines, you need 4 personnel.

Factors to consider when buying a concrete block making machine

Below are factors to consider when selecting the right concrete block making machine;

  • Automation level. There are different levels of automation that determine the machine you buy. The level of automation is mainly determined by the level of human labor available. In addition, the number of blocks needed per unit time is also a big determinant of the level of automation employed.
  • Ability to reduce the curing area; Depending on the amount of space available, your block-making machine should occupy as little space as possible.
  • The number of layers needed. A block making machine can produce either single or double-layer concrete blocks. The one that makes double-layer blocks is called the paver block machine. The advantage of double-layer paving blocks is that you can have different colors for the top layer and by mixing smaller raw materials you can have a smoother surface for the paving block.

Prices of concrete block making machine

Capacity Automation Level Price ($)
700-800 Pieces Semi-Automatic 2,000-4,000
4000 Pieces 20cmx40cmx20cm Semi-Automatic 49,500
4000 Pieces 20cmx40cmx20cm Automatic 66,900
6000 Pieces 20cmx40cmx20cm Semi-Automatic 56,800
6000 Pieces 20cmx40cmx20cm Automatic 76,400
8000 Pieces 20cmx40cmx20cm Semi-Automatic 85,300

Disclaimer: These prices are based on quotations of a single manufacturer and supplier. Other manufacturers, suppliers, as well as online platforms, may quote slightly different prices. Prices may also fluctuate depending on location and the corresponding shipping charges it attracts.


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