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Cement is the binding and most essential material in building and civil engineering construction. There are over 15 types of cement in general, however, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is the most commonly used and produced type of cement in the Republic of Tanzania, and around the world with an annual global production of around 3.8 million cubic meters.

The Tanzanian cement market is served by 12 cement production plants, two of which are owned by, Huaxin Tanzania, a subsidiary of Huaxin Cement Co. Ltd; two more by Camel Cement Company a subsidiary of Amsons Group; while Lake Cement Ltd a subsidiary of Banco India; Kisarawe Cement Ltd; Lee Building Materials Ltd; Kilimanjaro Cement Company Ltd; Tanga Cement Plc a subsidiary of AfriSam (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd; Tanzania Portland Cement Company (TPCC) Ltd a subsidiary of Scancem International DA; Lafarge Tanzania (Mbeya Cement Co, Ltd) a subsidiary of LafargeHolcim Ltd; and Dangote Industries (Tanzania) ltd a subsidiary of Dangote Cement Plc (Dangcem) each own one cement plant in the East African country.

Twiga Cement with a capacity of 700,000 tonnes per annum, Tanga Cement, Mbeya Cement, and Dangote Cement are the leading cement producers in the country.

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All cement brands are categorized into two grades;

33 (32.5N/mm2) Price Tsh 14,500

43 (42.5 N/mm2) Price Tsh 15,000

The average price of which is Tsh14,500/- and Tsh15,000/- respectively per 50 kg bag.

Tembo cement is the most preferred brand of all with a 33 (32.5N/mm2), 50kg bag and 43 (42.5 N/mm2), 50kg bag going for Tsh15,000/- and Tsh16,000/- in most of the country’s regions.

High prices of cement in Tanzania by end of 2020

In the last quarter of 2020, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data for October, the price of cement in Tanzania had risen by 30% to 22,000 in most parts of the country. The high prices were attributed to non-production by four cement manufacturers in the country, which had reportedly gone into maintenance.

The plant maintenance programs affected the supply chain, which dropped to 150,000t in October, compared with 450,000t the two previous months.

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