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Bag of cement price in Nigeria: Getting the lowest-priced cement is one of the key factors that can lower the overall cost of a building project.

It is important to note though, that cement price in Nigeria keeps fluctuating due to different factors. These factors include high maintenance costs of manufacturing machines, high distribution costs of the product, erratic power supply which calls for expensive alternative power sources and the ever-changing government policies; which put manufacturers in tough spots when it comes to pricing their products.

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A bag of cement price in Nigeria 

A bag of cement price in Nigeria depends on the particular manufacturer to some extent. Below is an indication of the current prices of key cement brands available in the market today.

a bag of cement price in nigeria

Dangote Cement 3,270 Naira

Elephant Cement 3,250 Naira

Ashaka Cement 3,250 Naira

Ibeto Cement 3,250 Naira

Eagle Cement 3,250 Naira

BUA Cement 3,250 Naira

UNICEM 3,250 Naira

Cost of a bag of cement in different states of Nigeria


The price of a bag of cement in Naira

Port Harcourt 4500
Bono State 4900
Bayelsa State 3800
Bauchi State 3500
Kano State 3750
Osun State 4300
Uyo in Akwa Ibom 3900
Ogun State 4200
Kogi State 4000
Taraba State 3500
Akure, Ondo State 3500
Kanya Babba, Jigawa State 4400


It is therefore safe to say that on average, a bag of cement price in Nigeria is 3,500 to 4,000 Naira. It is however important to note that the price of cement is not the same in all parts of Nigeria. Prices in high-profile places like Lagos and Abuja are slightly higher as compared to low-profile places.

Please comment below and let us know the current price of cement in your region so we can update it here. If you are a supplier we’ll add your company name and contact as well!

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  2. Comment:in kafachan Kaduna state as of 30/1/2022 the price is #4000. but why is it only dangote cement that is sold all around the country, in fact so many people don’t no any other cement apart from dangote cement


  4. If Ibeto Cement is selling, the cement price would come down. But they allowed only Dangote to do the business. Injustice in high places. Only Dangote is allowed to sell salt, sugar, cement, now fuel. INJUSTICE MAKES NIGERIANS TO SUFFER FOR NOTHING.

  5. Comment: we Nigerians we suppose vote good leader we went an vote non educated person who even don’t know what is demand. buhari u can kill us for Nigerian because is our father land we believe in God all things shall come to pass

  6. I think every projects involving cement utilization should stop or suspend their various projects.. a bag of cement price ranging from 3,500 to 4,900 is CRAZY. Please spread the word, common man can’t build house roof over his head, where is Nigeria heading under PMB. Perhaps, Nigeria as a country should be sold to countries that can manage things appropriately. No offence, I love my country, Nigeria!

  7. Why are we treat each other this way, remember we are still the same and our government in not favouring to us at all. how can a bag of cement rise to this extent that can’t even affordable a poor people to cover up their privacy/house.

  8. Giant of Africa and our so called richest man in Africa is selling per bag 3600 to 4000,and of which the major raw materials using is gotten from Nigeria,precisely in kogi state which is cool.the man should do something about.if economy grow is in the hands of dangote,bcos he is the one making this difficult in this country in terms of production of cement

  9. This government has fail woefully

    Nigerians can no long afford cement to build house again
    Cement is 3900 in Uyo

  10. A bag of cement should be sold in Nigeria 1,000 or 1,700 . The increase of materials in Nigeria is too much.

  11. Comment: Where are we going in this country, things are getting worst everyday, No security, cement 4300! (Osun) The cost for foods is unbearable, the sofferness is too much. Government do something!! God have mercy on Nigeria.

  12. A bag of cement in Nigeria is not supposed to be more than #1000 bcos the major raw material needed for cement production is gotten here and produced here. Why have they deliberately increased the price to rape Nigerian of the little/everything they have in the name of buying cement. And the government is not even doing anything about it. This is cruelty and wickedness of the highest order.

  13. The price per bag of a cement in my state(Bauchi)is #3,500.00.. However the incumbent adminstratn should duely do somethng to cut the price off..

  14. We hav nothing doing bcs of cus of Comment price: there should reduce the price, we the youth we ar surring.

  15. When a Wolf succeeded in getting monopoly, he will devour as many as he likes. Dangote operates an extremely wicked business model, he had raped Nigerians in many fronts. The near monopoly that he had in Cement, Sugar, salt & possibly refined petroleum products ( in few months time) made him to sell these items sometimes with up to 200 percent profit. He want to be the first African to own a fortune 500 Company and believes that it is only through this great wickedness that it can be possible. Cement for example is being sold at less than 2000 Naira in most countries of the world, whereas Nigerians are paying through noses for this essential commodities.
    With no implementable anti trust or Competition laws Nigeria, Dangote with his government connections​ is still plotting to monopolize more essential commodities by having them banned, so that he can further exploit Nigerians..

  16. The above prices are not here in Borno state the real price is N4,900 per bag. So i am appealing to the Government to luck into the situation not only the cement

  17. May God have on mercy this nation, please Nigeria government, help Nigeria citizen on this inflammation of Nigeria product, like building materials, food crude oil etc. Good bless Nigeria

  18. Here in Bayelsa , cement price is 3800, What is really happening in Nigeria. Please our leaders should wakeup and help the situation o.

  19. Why is it that federal government is doing nothing over the high price of cement here in nigeria , we are producing cement but here in nigeria there is scarcity of cement imagine we are so wicked that ourselves that we produce cement but 1 bag is sold at 3500 per bag , where in some countries like Kenya cement is sold at the rate of 1800 per bag the how do you expect an average civil servants to have a house if there own when the minimum wage is 30k please we are appling to the federal government to look into the matters like this , thereby regulating price of product produced in nigeria

  20. Comment: The prices here are not true. They sale here @ Ewekoro where we have two near by cement factories @ #4000 to #45650 per bag. This administration lacks conscience if not, price regulations could have helped D situation.

  21. Honestly Nigeria is a failed state.
    The price in South East, most especially in Imo State is 4,000 per a bag.

  22. The above price is not true, the sell it for us here #3500 which cost lack of job to the people, especially the youth doing site work.

  23. The above prices are not true.
    The real price here in Akure starts from N3500per bag. We are appealing to the federal Government to help look into the situation of commodity prices inthe market.
    People are not finding it easy.

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