Top roofing tile suppliers and prices of roofing tiles in Kenya

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Roofing tiles are an essential aspect when constructing a house and getting a reliable supplier as well as a quality tile will go a long way in ensuring the house remains leakproof for years to come and also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

In this article we take a look at the top roofing tile suppliers and the prices of roofing tiles in Kenya.


Top roofing tile suppliers and their contacts

Name of supplier Contact
Roofing Tiles Kenya 0712765270
Korean Roofing tiles 0721109462
Capital Roofing 0711082333
Decra Roofing Systems 0796555777, 0795284076
Tactile Roofing Solutions +254 (20) 3939000

Roofing Tiles Kenya

The company’s tiles measure 13 – 35mm size, and are described as the most trusted and popular roofing tiles in Kenya. The Classic and shingle are quality steel coated with Aluminium with Zinc. The shingle is divided into singleton and come in two tones which differs in prices

Korean Roofing Tile Kenya

Their classic tile profile is fully Imported from New Zealand. For classic, shingle and Roman they are made of an alloy of aluminium and zinc. The Shingle and Classic are their most popular roofing tiles

Decra Roofing Systems

Decra is fully imported from New Zealand and the quality is high. For Asili only the raw materials are imported but they are locally manufactured. Asili are coated with stone chips which protects it from a UV African sunlight so it can never

Tactile Roofing Solutions

Classic profile are coated tiles, the quality is high. Both Classic and Shingle are quality steel coated with Aluminium and steel, colours can be matched. They offer 50 years warranty, they are resistant to heat, fire, wind, rain and sea air. For classic, shingle and Roman the pitch should be at 20 degrees to avoid water retention.

Capital Roofing

They don’t have classic and shingle which are the most popular roofing tiles in Kenya

Their Bricktile are suitable for installation at cyclone area while Roman are durable and quick to install


Compare prices of stone coated roofing tiles in Kenya

Tile Supplier Tile Profile Price per square foot
Korean Roofing Tile Kenya Classic Profile


Shingle Profile Ksh 730
Double Roman Ksh 1030
Decra Roofing Systems Decra tiles


Ksh. 1369


Asili tiles Ksh. 940


Tactile Roofing Solutions Classic




Shingle Ksh.1270


Roman Ksh.1026
Capital Roofing Roman H 30 Ksh.650


Roman H28 Ksh. 750


Bricktile H30 Ksh. 650


Bricktile H28 Ksh. 750
Roofing Tiles Kenya Classic Ksh. 670


Shingle Ksh. 700








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