48,000 BTU Solar Heat Pump Pool Heater Zero Annual Energy Cost

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Heat Pump Connects To Solar & Grid

This heat pump pool heater connects to solar panels and to the grid. Extra energy collected when the heat pump is not being used is consumed by other household electrical loads. When extra solar production exceeds all home electrical loads, additional power can be sold to the power company.

The SHP48 is a pool heating and pool cooling unit. In heat mode the system will keep the pool warm. In some climates the pool chiller function is important during the hottest months of the year.

The SHP48 is an option to other free pool heaters like heat recovery pool heaters or solar pool heaters, and is a clear winner over all types of paid-energy pool heaters. The advantages of the SPH48 include the ability to operate in cold weather, as well as operation on cloudy days or at night, while achieving a low or zero annual energy cost to heat a pool. The unit can also function as a pool chiller to cool a pool. The unit is configured with four or more solar panels, depending on the location of use. During the pool season, the unit will consume more energy than is produced by the solar panels however, energy is produced by solar all year, so properly sizing the solar panel array can provide a low or zero annual energy cost for heating a pool.

Free Pool Heating when you connect solar panels to this heat pump pool heater.

Heating & Cooling function allows you to keep your pool at the desired temperature, automatically. The system is a pool heater and a pool chiller, as needed.

Flexible heat pump pool heating system uses a titanium heat exchanger, so it can be used with salt or chlorine pools, aboveground or inground pools, and indoor or outdoor pools.

World’s Highest Quality – The SHP48 pool heater is the USA version of the highest quality high efficiency heat pump pool heater sold in the European Union, where unlike in the US, strict government high efficiency pool heater performance requirements are enforced. We chose the top European model offered by the worlds #1 name in pool heaters as the basis for the SHP48 unit, and it is built in the same factory to the same exacting specifications. The difference between the SHP48 and the EU model – the SHP48 uses 60hz power vs. 50HZ used in Europe, and cosmetic differences. Actually these changes improved the product, as 60hz allows less watts to be used for the same capacity, and, the outer enclosure of the SHP48 is a new non-corrosive, non-metallic material rather than painted sheet metal.