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Alcolin’s concrete repair & protect

ALCOLIN LATEX-KEY CEMENT ADDITIVE is a concentrated cement additive that has been specially formulated to replace all or part of the water addition component of cement based products e.g. cement plaster, concrete, screeds, cement based tile adhesives, grouts etc.

It not only greatly enhances the performance of cement based products, but can also be used as a primer to improve the surface properties of the substrate such as screeds, plasters, renders etc. prior to tiling, screening, repairing etc. Once cured the polymer is water and frost resistant.

Uses / Applications

Improves performance of cement-based products

Greatly enhances the water resistance of cement based products Imparts flexibility to cement based products

Mixes readily into cement-based products

It may be used as a primer to consolidate dusty, friable or crumbly cement surfaces

Greater resistance to water soluble chemicals

Improves substrate surfaces prior to bonding with tile adhesives or other coatings

Versatile: Can be used for a variety of applications

Greater frost resistance

Used as an additive to cement based products (e.g. ceramic tile adhesives, grouts, mortars, and screeds) where extra performance may be required such as improved adhesion, enhanced water resistance and increased flexural strength.

Other Information

Pigmented products such as grouts may dry a shade darker than those with a straight water addition

Cannot be mixed with cretestone or gypsum base products

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Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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