BBA Pumps expands mobile sewage pump range

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The Dutch pump manufacturer BBA Pumps unveiled a new mobile sewage pump, the BA300KS. This 12-inch unit has been developed for bypassing large sewage systems in densely populated areas. With a pump capacity of 1100 m3/hour and a solids handling of 130 mm it is a real waste warrior.
Exceeding expectations with the new BA300KS

BBA Pumps likes to exceed expectations. For that reason, the free passage is increased and the pump efficiency is higher than the existing KS pumps. The diesel-driven BA300KS D388 is combined with an economical and environmentally friendly stage V engine. The sound attenuated canopy is quiet, robust and comes standard with discharge roof pipe.
The most important pump features are:
• Pump capacity to 1100 m3/hour
• Maximum pump head 33 mwc
• Vacuum system 100 m3/hour
• Pump effeciency BEP 80%
• Connection flanges DN300 • Solids handling Ø 130 mm
• BBA Pumps warranty 4 years

Coming soon…
The electric driven BA300KS pump unit is coming soon and will be available in different styles.