Bobcat 700 and 800 frame-size loaders

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bobcat-700-and-800-frame-size-loadersBuilding on the productivity of the Bobcat 700 and 800 frame-size loaders , significant upgrades have been made to the skid steer loaders, compact track loaders and all-wheel steer loader.

These changes incorporate greater machine performance through enhancements such as increased breakout and lift forces, better horsepower management, shorter cycle times and simplified display navigation, according to the manufacturer.

Bobcat Company also has continued to take steps toward complying with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) diesel engine emissions standards by adopting a systems approach to simultaneously achieve standards compliancy and improved machine performance. Upgraded loader features apply key interim Tier IV (iT4) technologies to provide enhanced loader functionality and reporting for machines with horsepower ranging from 75 to 174.