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Early in October 2014, Boskalis Nederland officially commissioned the delivery of a BBA high flow pump unit of the type BA-C500S11 D711 with a very attractive efficiency of 86%. The auto prime pump provides a capacity of 5500 m3/hour (24000 US GPM) and a maximum head of 37mwk(120 ft). The pump is driven by a modern Stage IV Volvo Penta diesel engine; the TAD1374VE.

This provides a power of 375kW and delivers the lowest specific fuel consumption in its class (207 g/kWh). Exhaust gas is treated using AdBlue®. It is fully equipped with the newly developed, extremely silent and light weight canopy and its dimensions ensure that it fits into a 20 ft. container without any problems. The total weight of the pump unit is just 10.800kg!

The Result

The new BA-C500S11 has now been deployed in a first project in Muiden. The A1  highway is being widened and partially rerouted. The Boskalis Nederland employees on-site are very impressed with the pumping performance, especially with regards to the low noise emissions.
BA-C500 Boskalis  (2)

Upon commissioning positive feedback abounded:

“This pump unit only has to work half throttle to do the job – at 1250 rpm it provides as much capacity as the old one at 2000 rpm”.

“Incredible, there’s not even any smoke from the exhaust at start-up”.

“It’s amazingly quiet”

“The former pump unit regularly clogged up due to solid materials as a result of the vertical drainage hose we use here – fortunately the BA-C500S11 can just pump it”.

BBA Pumps has decided to include this pump unit in its standard product range.

Henno Schothorst, BBA Pumps’ Product Manager says: “We can’t ignore this any longer; this is a pump unit for the future”.