Chicago Pneumatic completes expansion of concrete range with launch of new levelling equipment

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International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has completed the expansion of its range of reliable and efficient concrete equipment with the addition of two new screeds for the smooth and accurate levelling of poured concrete. Two new lightweight and flexible truss screeds for levelling large areas have been introduced plus an update to Chicago Pneumatics’ popular walk-behind screed. The new concrete screed equipment is designed for a range of applications including flooring, landscaping, road construction and maintenance, tunnels and pathways.

“With our expanded concrete range, we can now provide users with a wider offering to suit their needs at every stage of the concreting process,” says Edmerlito Gonzalez, Spokesperson for Concrete Equipment at Chicago Pneumatic. “The new screeds ensure optimised levelling performance for all concrete types and help to cut down time on smoothing and finishing.”

Chicago Pneumatic has unveiled new lightweight and flexible LDE 2200 (electric) and LDG 3600 (gasoline) truss screeds for the levelling of surface concrete. The new truss screeds are designed for high to medium slump concrete and floors up to 25m wide, with vibration up to 180mm deep, and can cover one meter per minute. Thus operators can screed large areas in a single pass, saving time in the process. Thanks to the modular design of the new truss screeds, users can also quickly couple and uncouple the inner lengths to ensure the correct length for screeding. The new truss screeds are equipped with electric motors that ensure the continual, equal movement of the screed across the concrete.

For smaller screeding requirements, Chicago Pneumatic has updated its popular LBG 800 walk-behind screed, making it easier for operators to create a consistent, high-quality concrete finish without a guide or supporting tube. The new LBG 804 screed features a larger vibrator eccentric unit that delivers high vibration power, and includes a rubber and Velcro protection ring to avoid concrete penetration. As a result, both hand/arm vibrations (HAV) and noise levels are reduced, allowing up to 6 hours of continuous operation. Meanwhile, the solid frame design features a rugged steel coupling to provide added strength, and aluminium components that reduce weight for easy handling and manoeuvrability. An ergonomic handle that can extend up to 4.5m allowing the users to smooth the concrete from outside the slab, reducing the time it takes to smooth the surface as no footprints are left behind.