Chicago Pneumatic introduces new surfacing equipment

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International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has introduced the new surfacing tools – the SCS 32 spreader wagon and STG power trowels – an initiative that now expands its range of concrete equipment.

The SCS 32 spreader wagon and STG power trowels will be useful in fast and clean layering and smoothing of concrete in construction works. The surfacing equipment will be needful in a range of surfacing applications including concrete slabs, industrial warehouse floors, residential housing, car parks and alleyways.

“We have released the first part of our new concrete range to focus specifically on surfacing application needs,” says Edmerlito Gonzalez, Spokesperson for Concrete Equipment at Chicago Pneumatic, adding that Chicago Pneumatic  now provides users with power trowels where they need smoother finished surfaces. Users will also be able to get granolithic spreader wagons for pavement and flooring jobs according to him.

For smaller slabs, Chicago Pneumatic now provides new STG245 (24” – 60cm), whose introduction has seen updating of its STG line of power trowels. The STG465 (46” – 120cm) models will do better for larger slabs. Users will be able to use the new range of power trowels for longer periods, with minimal risks of injury. The range manages a speed rate of 40 to 140rpm.

The power trowels provide maximum flexibility and maneuver on lifting devices and allow maximum productivity. They are compliant with CE requirements and have ignition kill-switch when the dead man handle is released and include a twist pitch allowing up to 22° of blade angle adjustment.


The SCS 32 spreader wagon is installed with innovative mesh screen roller (not wheels), which is able to sustain the weight and press granolithic material into the concrete. The machine is designed to handle all types of granolithic concrete material while pressing it into the upper layer for a long-wearing surface.

Through flow adjustment on the handle, users in construction can determine the exact quantity of material needed with a lockable feature for a consistent, even flow. For more information on the products by Chicago Pneumatic, please visit this link.