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Conren Rooftex; Single component polyurethane waterproofing membrane

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

Conren Limited a UK based company, is a specialist manufacturer and installer of resin coatings, screeds, anti-slip systems, waterproofing compounds, safety play surfacing and high friction anti-skid for roads.

Rooftex one of  their products, cures to form a waterproof membrane with exceptional elasticity. This system performs regardless of worldwide climatic conditions, Rooftex is black and can be over-coated with coloured granules, or silver coating which provides heat and light reflective properties.

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Rooftex is a market leading, one component, corrosion resistant, permanently flexible and resilient modified that is very simple to apply in its cold state, and suitable for many different applications. Rooftex can be applied by brush, squeegee blade or airless spray to provide a joint free, seamless waterproofing solution that is durable and long-lasting.

Rooftex is supplied in liquid form, so no heating is required, which removes the fire risk associated with hot-melt applied systems. When fully cured Rooftex provides incredible strength and elasticity, and never hardens or becomes brittle, all of which contribute to its versatility and vast application suitability. Rooftex can be cold applied to virtually any type of substrate or supporting structure at any angle, and provides total adhesion, whilst being very simple to repair should it ever become damaged or punctured.

Typical applications
  • Internal wet areas & bathrooms,
  • Building foundations
  • All kinds of roofing, flat and pitched
  • Balconies and podiums
  • External surfaces, exposed and covered
  • Green roofs & planter boxes
Rooftex advantages
  • Easy and simple to apply ,extremely versatile, Incredible elasticity and strength, Cold applied; no fire risk , Single component; no mixing required, Liquid form provides seamless surface, Provide total adhesion to many surfaces, Easy to repair, UV stable and never hardens to become brittle, Can be applied to vertical surfaces , Can be coated with granules or Silver Coating to finish

Rooftex cures on exposure to the atmosphere to create a tough, flexible membrane with exceptional elasticity and strength.

Site assessment and preparation

All surfaces to be covered by Rooftex, whether internal or external, should be clean, dry and firm and when formed of concrete, should be fully cured. Special surface Primers are available and recommended for certain conditions, and more information on these is available upon request. Any open cracks or joints should be repaired or filled with a suitable joint filler before Rooftex is applied.

Application and installation

Although a very simple process, correct application and installation of Rooftex is important for the durability and performance of the cured membrane. Rooftex should be applied in 2 coats, at right angles to each other, the 1st at 1kg per M2 and the 2nd at 0.5kg per M2, which will achieve an overall thickness of approximately 1.3mm at a coverage rate of 1.5kg/m2.

Rooftex is very simple to apply in cold liquid form, it does not require any special mixing techniques or additives, and cures on exposure to the atmosphere… making it time-saving and labour efficient. When cured it provides a strong, elastic and long-lasting waterproof membrane that is suitable for protecting horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The Rooftex associated products help to increase and expand its usage capabilities, project suitability, and overall performance even further making Rooftex the product of choice for so many different and challenging waterproofing situations.

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