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More and more companies in Africa are demanding crane systems produced in accordance with European standards. In order to satisfy local customers’ demands in collaboration with Künzelsau specialists our partner Fawel Engineering Services Ltd. in Nigeria has developed a concept to enable cranes produced in Europe to be transported to Africa at reasonable cost. The first order on the “Crane in a box” principle comprised two double girder overhead travelling cranes with spans of 20 m and 22 m and lifting capacities of 10 t and 16 t. They are in use in the production plant of Eleganza Industries Ltd. in Lagos, where plastic injection moulded components such as plastic chairs, dustbins or hard-top cases are manufactured.

Space-saving packaging, fast erection

Each of the four crane beams consists of three segments which are connected by high-tensile bolt joints. On the basis of this design by Fawel Engineering crane builders can ship an entire crane in a 40 foot container, saving space with just a few steps. The containers for Eleganza Industries were transported overland to Antwerp in Belgium, transported by ship to Port Apapa in Lagos and then by lorry to the erection site.

When the containers arrived there, Fawel Engineering staff were able to erect the cranes within just a few days – delighting the astounded customer.

The cranes were produced on behalf of and following the drawings of Fawel Engineering. The crane technology – CraneKits with SHR 6 (16 t) and SH 5 (10 t) wire rope hoists – was supplied by STAHL CraneSystems. Apart from this, the German crane technology experts helped their Nigerian sales partner to coordinate manufacture in Europe.

Bright prospects

Fawel Engineering  is at present working on producing simple single-girder overhead travelling cranes directly in Africa in the near future. However producing ultra-modern crane systems in Nigeria is a distant prospect.  The “crane in a box” principle is basically suitable for all double girder overhead travelling cranes with lifting capacities up to around 50 t. For Fawel Engineering the successful completion of the project for Eleganza Industries is a great success which the Nigerian is looking forward to building on: two more of his “crane in a box” projects will be completed shortly. Other partners in Africa have already expressed interest in this idea.

Crane technology since 1898

STAHL CraneSystems, with its wide range of products and engineering solutions, assists crane and systems builders to implement demanding projects. The experience gained in over 115 years of crane technology development and our own basic research pay off. The modular construction of the hoists and crane components and the high level of vertical integration in our own factory in Künzelsau enable crane systems to be specifically adapted to individual requirements using components from STAHL CraneSystems. Even challenging customised solutions are always based on technically mature high-end crane technology manufactured in series production, accounting for the reliability and longevity of the systems.