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CTM Kenya Ltd: A leading provider of ceramic products

Established in 2006 CTM Kenya Ltd has been one of the leading retailer in the ceramic floor and wall tile market. The company has opened up major stores across the country in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu and Eldoret but with the parent company in South Africa. CTM Kenya’s clientele cuts across various industries from residential to commercial clients.

In January 2016 CTM Kenya launched the online shopping platform.This platform was introduced so that their customers are able to order products from the comfort of their homes. They offer a wide range of products from floor and wall tiles, mosaic tiles, taps, basins, baths, sanitary ware and bathroom accessories.

CTM Kenya has been able to remain relevant and the preferred supplier of these products as the price of their products is pocket friendly, competitive and of good and unique quality.  The products offered have an extensive selection of lifestyles and products displays as they are manufacturer and source directly worldwide.

The CTM brand is also strengthened by a local Kenyan focus that allows them to create a store experience and mix of products that meet the needs of each market they serve. They empower their store managers to create a lasting and unique local shopping experience.

CTM Kenya has also come together with major and trusted brands across the region in order to satisfy the customers’ preference and need for quality, a perfect finish and price. That’s why they ensure their product range is made up of well-known leading brands you can trust. From rustic, traditional designs to the latest in high-tech modern trends; you’ll find a great selection of both well-known brands and new emerging designs.

Kilimanjaro tiles

Kilimanjaro tiles have an ‘earthy’ look, imitating natural stone. In fact, these heavy-duty tiles can be confidently used for both indoor and outdoor areas. These tiles are exceptionally strong and durable. The extrusion process applies highly compacted pressure to the make-up of the tile body, while a higher firing temperature contributes to creating a rock-solid tile.

A few ranges of the Kilimanjaro tiles are also available with an anti-slip/slip-resistant finish particularly if you’re considering outside use around wet areas or if safety is paramount for you and your family.

Glazed ceramic tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles are suitable for many interior designs, from classic and modern to natural and rustic. This has three effects. First, it creates an impermeable surface; it also protects the tile for considerably longer wear and tear. Lastly, it adds an attractive, reflective texture to the base color of the tile. Glaze is the layer found on the top face of the tiles buy firing in a kiln and applied coating.

Tile durability can vary, depending on the resistance to abrasion. However, with proper maintenance and treatment, the tiles can last for years in a residential home.

Customer Satisfaction

CTM Kenya Ltd strongly values and aims to satisfy the ever changing preference of their customers as a result their products are great quality as they are sourced from major leading brands worldwide.

For their customers that shop online there is the option of online payment and for delivery; cost is charged on the weight of the combined final order and the area of delivery.In the event that the customer orders more than what is available at the local store the remaining stock is sources from the other closest CTM store at a subsidized additional transport cost.




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