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dormakaba?s evolo Smart solution ? value-add to Smart Estate living

Comprehensive access control and highly reliable security is essential to any smart estate site. With digital applications and technology at the forefront of SoHo infrastructure adoption, leading provider of smart access control and security solutions dormakaba has rolled out evolo Smart app for easy access rights control.

Evolo Smart app enables homeowners to open doors using anything from an access card, key fob, or even a smartphone.

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The matching dormakaba Evolo door components are standalone-operated. This means they are powered by a battery with no cables involved. For example, the dormakaba digital cylinder is inserted into the door instead of a mechanical lock cylinder that allows for easy dismantling later.

If you do use conventional locking cylinders, you can switch to Evolo Smart without any major installation having to be done.

In this way, dormakaba ensures that investment is fully protected.

dormakaba evolo smart is an app that offers an easy access control for up to 50 users.

If needed, evolo access components can be integrated into other access solutions from dormakaba. This means your investment is guaranteed in the long term and develops with your needs.

Kaba Evolo Manager

To complement and support the Evolo Smart app is the Kaba Evolo Manager, intuitive software manages the whole system including user profiles, badges and door components.

There is an audit trail facility to provide all access and system incidents at glance. Data access is given only to authorised personnel using a flexible authorisation concept.

dormakaba evolo Manager is a comprehensive access system and easy to manage. It has various programming tools so that access rights can be adapted quickly and easily. The various evolo standalone components can be programmed flexibly and in different ways, depending on the situation and requirement.

Among its key features are:

Quick and easy to programme and delete access media using a smartphone
Time-restricted access rights
Easy to delete and add new media
Door events can be tracked
Access media: choice of cards, key fobs or smartphone
Door status
No internet connection required; the system runs locally

All users, media and door components can easily be managed using the network-enabled Evolo Manager software.

Consequently, the process for granting access authorisations is intuitive. The event memory can be extracted to obtain an overview of all access and system events. Also, time profiles can be set up and users programmed and administered. As a PC software, it is installed once on a computer and launched when required.

Smart estate living is based on automated, networked communication systems. The technology should be easy to implement, easy to manage, access and apply. It must add immediate value and dormakaba’s Evolo offering ticks all the boxes!

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