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The patented Balledge® design on Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains not only ensures an effective thermal seal, it also makes the locally manufactured product very durable.

Made from specially formulated PVC material that retains its flexibility irrespective of the environment or temperate where the strips are used, Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains have found use in numerous applications across the country.

Wim Dessing, sales executive at the company, says the Balledge® is essentially a reinforced edge on the side of each strip and it prevents snagging and scratching of people and foods as they pass through.

“The Balledge® is what provides extended strip life, even after years of use, and because the material is transparent visibility is enhanced making it safe to use for covering doorways and cordoning off areas within a facility,” Dessing says.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are commonly attached to an overhead hanging rail and provide a cost effective and highly efficient means of separating atmospherically critical areas from temperature extremes and environmental pollutants. In addition to their obvious use at entrance and exit points, the industrial PVC strip curtains are also becoming increasingly popular as a means of temporarily partitioning areas within large facilities.

The use of flexible PVC strips in industrial applications was pioneered more than 40 years ago by Apex Strip Curtains & Doors. “An important characteristic of our specially formulated PVC material is that the Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains do not become brittle with use, which means that they easily outlast inferior products,” Dessing says.

In addition to controlling the influx of hot or cold air, Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains also reduce the dust levels as well as prevent the ingress of birds, rodents and insects. The strip curtains are able to prevent the passage of unwanted contaminants in industries where hygiene and cleanliness are critical, while still permitting the unhindered and safe passage of people and forklift trucks. Additional benefits include the reduction of noise levels from both inside and outside the facility in question.

The strips are available on a metre by metre basis, or as complete installation together with hanging hardware. Apex Strip Curtains & Doors is represented throughout South Africa by a network of agents that also offer technical and installation support.