Dynapac’s new CA6000 single-drum vibratory roller

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dynapacs-new-ca6000-single-drum-vibratory-rollerUSA has introduced four models of its CA-series single drum vibratory rollers.

The CA5000, CA5500, CA6000 and CA6500 have been equipped with a number of enhancements over previous models, including optimized drum amplitude, automatic bouncing control and an overall design that makes it easier to service the equipment, according to the manufacturer.

Compaction is delivered by the new models utilizing drum amplitude of .083 in. (.2 cm.) This increased force allows rock fill to be compacted in layers almost 9 ft. (2.7 m) thick with rock sizes up to 3 ft. (.9 m) in diameter. It also requires fewer passes to reach compaction specifications.

Automatic bouncing control measures feedback from the drum and eliminates drum bouncing or over compacting.

This feature improves compaction performance while extending the useful life of the equipment by eliminating drum double-jump, which could lead to premature failure of machine components, according to the manufacturer.