FineFIRE releases a new design for Fire Fighting BIM

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4M announces the new release of FineFIRE (v.14.2) which meets the needs of any pipework network (tree systems, gridded, looped or any combination) and completely fulfills the latest NFPA13 standards for fire protection or fire fighting, as well as the European Norm EN12845.

The calculation environment has been significantly enhanced, specifying automatically the sprinkler spacing and locations according to the classification of hazard, the determination of the area covered per sprinkler, as well as the determination of the hydraulically most unfavorable and favorable operation areas.

Moreover, in this new release for fire fighting, all the parts of the installation equipment are calculated in detail (i.e. pump selection capable to supply the flow & pressure of most unfavorable and most favorable area, suction pipe calculation, NPSH calculation, tank size calculation etc.) and with close respect to analytical tables and curves.

FineFIREbelongs to the 4M BIM MEP Suite,that Integrates seamlessly the 4MCAD engine with the FineFIREcalculation module.