Functional upgrade on GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe adds Bluetooth

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Now equipped with Bluetooth technology, the GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe collection delivers a state-of-the-art shower and spa experience in today’s modern bathrooms. This latest functional upgrade means that a wide variety of iOS or Android-based mobile devices running the GROHE SPA® app can now be used to control the collection’s light, sound and steam modules. By adopting Bluetooth technology, GROHE now offers even greater flexibility in enjoying the benefits of a home spa. It will now be possible to have more flexible control of home spa functions.

The GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe modules are all about adding value to the shower experience and creating a customised spa setting. From colour therapy lighting to soothing and relaxing steam to playing the user’s favourite tunes, GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe modules convert a conventional shower into a personal oasis of well-being.

Existing and future owners of GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe installations now also benefit from wireless Bluetooth technology, meaning that they can use their Android smartphone, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and iPad mini to control all functions. Having gone on sale in August, the new Bluetooth unit is easy to retrofit. Once hooked up to the existing docking station, it gives users complete freedom in controlling all value-added shower functions.

The technical requirements for using the new Bluetooth functionality are: the Bluetooth unit, the Base Unit Box 2.0 Bluetooth and a Bluetooth-enabled device running the updated GROHE SPA® app. The wall-mounted Bluetooth unit is equipped with a reset button and a status display and features a safety switch-off in case the wireless Bluetooth link breaks down. Its reception range is about 10 metres. The Base Unit Box 2.0 Bluetooth brings together all functions. Offering connections for the light, sound and steam modules as well as the power supply and the data link, the control unit allows the shower to be fitted with all desired applications.

These can be controlled via the GROHE SPA® app, which comes packed with new features such as the creation of personalised profiles and mood light scenarios for a completely customised shower experience.

Featuring outstanding iconic design

And not only does the GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe Collection star regarding its technology: It has also won the German Design Council’s renowned „Iconic Awards 2014 – Best of Best“.Now Bluetooth-enabled, the GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe Collection gives users even greater freedom and flexibility in personalising their home spa experience.