Graco launches the Graco Xtreme XL sprayer

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Graco is very excited to launch the Graco Xtreme XL sprayer, which has the largest air motor Graco has ever built. This sprayer is ideal for spraying high-volumes of protective coatings for applications such as bridges, ships and water towers.
Designed with the new 10,000 cc XL Air Motor, the Xtreme XL sprayer can run up to six spray guns in a high-output environment with virtually no pulsation or pattern fluctuation*. The efficient design includes advanced features that ensure superior performance.

Features and Benefits:
• Graco Xtreme XL sprayer has Higher output per cycle means less total cycles for any given job-which means less wear and tear on pump components, and ultimately, less downtime and maintenance expense.

• The high output, high efficiency 10,000 cc XL Air Motor lets a contractor use MULTIple guns with almost no perceivable pulsation. MULTIple spray guns get the job done faster, which is better for the bottom line.

• The Xtreme XL eliminates non-restartable icing stalls for more uptime. External pilot lines are isolated from cold exhaust air and warmed from the warmer ambient air.