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Grupel launches a new range of Lighting Towers

In addition to its wide range of generators, Grupel launches a new range of lighting towers, ideal for environments where natural light and access to the power grid are scarce.

Simple, efficient and robust, this equipment can light an area of about 4.500m2 and have a maximum autonomy of 60h, without refueling.

They are also easy to transport, a great advantage for several types of applications, in places with poor accessibility, and are prepared to operate in adverse conditions and temperatures between -15ºC and 40ºC.

The range includes four models equipped with LED lamps (more durable, powerful and sustainable), manual or pneumatic vertical mast, extendable up to 4.5m and 7m, with 360º rotation, and also have a towing and fastening system.

With application in the construction, mining, and industrial sectors, in parking lots and events, this equipment adjusts itself to various types of needs, guaranteeing countless added values for any of them:

  • Ease of use;
  • High mobility;
  • Robustness to operate in adverse conditions;
  • LED lamps of 350W each, allowing up to 50,000h without replacement;
  • Autonomy of up to 10h or 60h, depending on the model, without refueling;
  • 360º rotation of the vertical mast;
  • Option of manual or pneumatic mast (extendable up to 4.5m and 7m);
  • Towing system;
  • Attachment system;
  • Compact canopy;
  • Various combinations of generator and engine (models available with Grupel or Perkins engine).

Considering the features already mentioned, Grupel’s lighting towers adjust to various types of needs and requirements, becoming reliable and efficient lighting solutions for any type of environment and conditions.

About Grupel

Grupel produces and sells a wide range of power generators (open or soundproofed), with powers from 3 to 3500kVA, and equipped with components of the best quality.

We have the largest production unit of this equipment, in Portugal, located in Aveiro – which allows us to have a great flexibility, being able to produce standard generators as well as complex and customized special projects. In addition, we have differentiated services and a specialized team for situations that require our intervention/cooperation.

Grupel is a reference brand in the sector, having, in 2021, been recognized by Portuguese consumers with the Five Stars Award, for the fourth consecutive year. But it is not only recognized in Portugal. Currently, about 80% of the company’s turnover is due to its presence in more than 70 countries, on 5 continents.

Their Energy is increasingly evident with national consumers and increasingly strong with international consumers.


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