The new Héliotherme 4000 air heater from CIAT achieves energy savings of the order of 20% compared with the previous generations through the use of the ROTOREX fan-motor assembly and the JET+ airflow system. It is the ideal technical and economic solution for heating premises by hot air ventilation in winter and cooling by circulation of cold air in summer. In its ATEX version, Héliotherme 4000 is intended primarily for industrial premises with external production of hot water, chilled water or, more generally, thermal fluid: workshops, storage warehouses, etc.

Héliotherme 4000 ATEX is certified for applications in the presence of potentially-explosive flammable gas or combustible dust in zone 1 or zone 2, for explosion groups IIA, IIB or IIC, and for temperature classes T1 to T6. Of course, it incorporates all the innovations of the Héliotherme 4000 range.

Héliotherme 4000 uses the ROTOREX technology, which gives it two principal advantages. First, the motor’s electrical windings are inserted into the fan hub, and the displaced air is used to cool the motor. This optimizes the efficiency and reliability of the motor, as it runs cooler. Second, the rotor blades are now highly-profiled and aerodynamic, rather than flat as previously, so that an adequate air change rate is attained more easily.

Héliotherme 4000 is also fitted as standard with the JET+ double-deflection diffuser. This diffuser uses sections similar to an aircraft wing which generate negative pressure on the upper surface, increasing the air speed and thus induction, i.e. mixing with ambient air. In addition to the energy savings obtained, the laminar flow of the air stream provides better acoustic comfort. The air stream can be adjusted in four directions for optimum coverage of the occupied area while eliminating any impression of draughts.

Three types of control are proposed, depending on the applications: the BOX MONO ECO electronic unit, the unit for three-phase motor and the control unit for electric battery. The new BOX MONO ECO unit provides proportional control of blower speeds and heat exchanger coil water feed as a function of the difference between the measured ambient temperature and the programmed temperature setpoint. This results in linear operation and limits the noise often generated by starting and stopping. A clock enables programming of operation according to the time of day and optimization of the use of the Héliotherme 4000 according to needs. One unit can control three Héliotherme 4000 appliances.

The Héliotherme 4000 has a high-performance heat exchange coil providing the optimum combination of tube geometry and fin design. The dry-surface heat transfer coefficient obtained is greater than 50 W/m2.K. The standard-fit condensate drain pan (in cooling mode) with V-section bottom channels the droplets to eliminate the risks of water stagnation and legionellosis.

Héliotherme 4000 can be wall- or ceiling-mounted. Low-pressure or high-pressure water versions (thermal fluids, pressurized steam) and electrical versions are available. Five models are available, covering flow rates from 2600 m3/h to 11150 m3/h.

A full range of installation and control/monitoring accessories is available: bracket for wall mounting on standard I-section or ceiling mount, filter unit for environments with particulate-loaded air, two-speed switch for three-phase motors, 2-way mixing chamber with built-in filter, etc.

CIAT is a leading industrial group in the field of heating by heat pumps, centralised air conditioning, air handling and heat exchange designs, manufactures and markets solutions for the residential, service sector, healthcare and industrial markets. Its development subscribes to optimising the use of energy, improving air quality and increasing the comfort of atmospheres inside buildings, in accordance with the provisions of the Grenelle Environment Round Table.