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Hiab launches new tail lifts and truck-mounted forklift

Hiab, Cargotec subsidiary has launched its new truck-mounted forklift and new tail lifts during the IAA exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

According to Michael O’Reilly, Truck Mounted Forklifts Product Manager, the first of the new products, the Moffett M4NX, is the latest generation of the M4 range which has been made even better with a focus of added safety, easier servicing and more comfort to the operator.

“By making the M4NX as light as possible without affecting our reputation for having durable quality products, we ensure that the operators benefit by getting maximum payload on their vehicle, said O’Reilly. “The M4NX can effectively carry more than its own unladen weight – like an ant – thus ensuring maximum performance and maximum payload,” he added.

Additionally, some of the improvements include a seat presence indicator, which aims to ensure starting and operating the machine is safe and efficient, and an updated remote ground mount system, which now features a new design remote keyfob.

Nevertheless, the forklift can dismount from a truck in under a minute and is well-suited to a variety of work environments. Such that, the M4NX in its design can negotiate very tight areas in terms of width and height, making it a very versatile piece of equipment. The new M4NX is available in a number of configurations in varying widths down to 1.9m.

Hiab has also unveiled three new tail lifts: the Zepro Z3N, the Zepro SZN 2000 and the Del FC500. Launching the new models, Hiab senior vice president of tail lifts Johan Sandberg says “each of these new tail lifts reflects our proven technology and pioneering spirit”. “They are reliable, easy to install and use, and allow more payload and speed for our customers,” he added.

The Zepro Z3N model is by far the lightest 750kg lift on the market, giving the opportunity to have more payload on your truck. Built with Swedish DOMEX steel and powder coated, the tail lift has an opening speed of 10 degrees per second and double acting tilt cylinders. It also has a narrow lift arm width and exterior fixed controls.

The second model from Zepro, the SZN 2000, features new shafts, longer lubrication intervals, and a ‘one size fits all’ concept to ease installation. According to Johan Sandberg, the new construction and standard with frame-built profile gives ZEPRO SZN 2000 stability while it’s mounted on the vehicle. The low profile improves also the ground clearance.

However, the final launch is the Del FC500, a one-piece full closure lift that will typically save100kg in payload compared to a conventional column lift arrangement. The new Del features an anodised aluminium finish and safety fence options, and includes a rear frame, top door and tail lift.

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