Hydraform’s rock solid offering on show at totally concrete expo 2015

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Hydraform – South African leaders in brick- and block-making machines since 1988 – successfully showcased their world-class machinery and comprehensive training and support services at the ever-popular Totally Concrete Expo, which took place at the Sandton Convention Centre from 12-14 May 2015.

With a dynamic approach to showcasing its product and service offering, Hydraform was a firm favourite among visitors and delegates alike. According to Nazlie Dickson, Sales and Marketing Director for Hydraform, “We had the opportunity to host our workshop, ‘Engineered to Create Possibilities’, which covered the basics of building using our unique Hydraform Interlocking Building System, which proved very informative and interesting to clients, both old and new.” She adds, “The blocks are produced using soil, some cement and water, after which they are dry-stacked and interlocked from top to bottom and back to front. The system saves time and money, and is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to expand their offering to the construction market.”

With innumerable opportunities available in South Africa and beyond, the construction trade and exchange, both locally and abroad, are in a period of burgeoning growth and activity which looks set to stay. However, Hydraform is no stranger to taking opportunities across borders and has had the African market as part of its designs since its foundation in the late ‘80s. Says Dickson, “We are well known in most African, South American, Canadian and other developing countries around the world. Our products are of exceptional quality and are robust enough to operate in the harshest conditions that Africa, and other countries, has to offer.” She adds, “The infrastructural deficit in developing countries is no secret to the world and the opportunities to develop and empower these countries and their people are truly endless.”

Hydraform’s product offering is uniquely positioned to serve developing countries in their quest for infrastructure development and stability due to its inherent adaptability. “Our products are able to work around infrastructural constraints and still deliver housing, public buildings, clinics and schools – even in the most remote areas in Africa,” says Dickson, adding, “Doing business in Africa has a lot to do with making the time and effort to foster the right relationships, underpinned by trust, in key localities.”

Looking ahead, with the solid backing of nearly three decades in the construction trade, Hydraform has its feet firmly planted in the present and a bright future outlook with no less than two new products just recently launched into the market.
“We look forward to setting up these fantastic new products for our clients all around the world, so that they, too, can produce and build with Hydraform. We don’t only sell quality machinery to the market – we are also all about supporting our clients in growing their own businesses to be more successful and profitable.”

Dickson concludes, “Totally Concrete 2015 represented for us an exclusive opportunity to meet with the movers and shakers of our industry and to showcase how an innovative mix of materials, coupled with world-class machinery, can offer a quality solution to housing and infrastructure needs – both locally and globally.”