Immediate waterproofing with Mapei Plastimul 2K Reactive

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Mapei South Africa recently launched Plastimul 2K Reactive, a solvent-free, eco-compatible, bitumen waterproofing emulsion that further extends its comprehensive range of well-proven solutions for all waterproofing challenges. Another technology innovation from the international Mapei group, world leader in the production of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for building,this unique product has no equivalent in the local market and is already attracting strong interest from waterproofing contractors.
Plastimul 2K Reactive is a two-component emulsion that is applied by airless spray to give immediate waterproofing of structures below ground such as the outside of foundations and retaining walls, as well as virtually any horizontal and vertical surfaces that are not exposed to UV. The product is suitable for all types of concrete and cellular concrete surface, limestone, pumice, lightweight brick and breeze-block masonry, render and screeds.
An example of the outstanding performance characteristics of Plastimul 2k Reactive was its use to solve a longstanding problem with the concrete roof of a secondary school in Danville Park, Durban. Mapei South Africa approved applicator, Stonehaven Projects, was asked to find a solution for the continual leakage being experienced through the existing torch-on membrane. The situation was that the membrane was not coping on a roof that was cluttered with pipes, vents and skylights.
This wasn’t a problem for Plastimul 2K Reactive that is applied using an airless spray – the type that keeps the two components separate until they emerge through the spray nozzle. The blended components immediately begin setting to form a partially-hardened membrane which is highly flexible, waterproof and resistant to leaching. The tough fully-cured membrane has a high elasticity and crack-bridging capacity, and prevents ingress of water even at high positive pressures. The final finish to complete a successful repair project at the school was the application of two coats of Mapei Aquaflex Roof HR reflective paint to protect the Plastimul 2K Reactive membrane from UV sunlight.
“This is an exciting new product for our waterproofing industry,” says Mapei South Africa’s Product Manager, Paul Nieuwoudt. “Our initial focus for its introduction is on retaining walls and concrete roofs that frequently present challenges for traditional waterproofing systems.”

For more information on Plastimul 2K Reactive contact Mapei South Africa on 011 552 8476