Jem Mall, Singapore installs SharpEye flame detectors

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The 20/20MI IR3 flame detector, which is almost unnoticeable and can detect a wide area, well fits for commercial applications in areas such as shopping malls. Due to large field of view on the detector, only a few can be installed on a large area.

Jem Mall has now installed the 20/20MI detector, which will help in fast, long distance, accurate flame detection at distances of up to 133ft (40m). The 20/20MI has the highest immunity to false alarms, including sunlight entering from large windows.

The 20/20MPI Indoor Detector is another application in addition to the 20/20MI IR3 flame detector.

The two are produced by Spectrex Inc., which deals in optical Flame and Open Path Gas Detection (OPGD).

Oil & Gas projects such as rigs are also making use of their patented optical UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detector designs, and pioneering patented Xenon Flash designs in OPGD detectors.

The company produces a wide range of flame detectors; from those managing ultra fast (msec) detection time to those with high sensitivity hydrocarbon and hydrogen flame detection. They also manufacture the large OPGD range detectors used for detection of hazardous gases – also available are detectors for a wide range of gases from flammable hydrocarbons to toxic Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulfide.

Spectrex products can be applied in toughest conditions such as those in African deserts and Alaskan waters. The products are also fully approved to meet relevant third-party Ex hazardous area, performance and reliability standards to the wide range of application challenges, worldwide.