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Legrand’s range of fibreglass reinforced polyester Marina cabinets, have been designed for use in any environment, but these units are particularly well suited for severe corrosive environments, including petrochemical, mining, general engineering and marine industries.

Marina enclosures are designed for maximum safety and the ordered arrangement and optimum protection of electrical components like terminal blocks, switches and sockets, fuse carriers, safety transformers and circuit breakers.

Marina glass fibre reinforced polyester cabinets are self-extinguishing at 960°C and can withstand temperature ratings of between – 40°C and +80°C. These cabinets have an IP66 index protection rating for protection against dust and water and have been adapted to withstand corrosive environments, with excellent resistance to UV, saline mist, bases, oils and greases.

Class II classification meets the requirements to create suitable assemblies for photovoltaic installations.

Marina cabinets are available in sizes between 300 x 220 x 160 mm and 1 220 x 810 x 300 mm, all fitted with a reversible door opening of 180° and stainless steel hinge pins. These cabinets are supplied with a set of internal mounting accessories for easy and secure attachment of equipment to the back of the cabinet. Accessories include double bar locks and metal keys.

These fibreglass reinforced polyester cabinets enhance Legrand’s range of stainless steel and metal cabinets, which are manufactured according to stringent quality specifications and are available from Legrand and its carefully selected national distributor network. Legrand’s other equipment includes power and electrical equipment.

Source: www.legrand.co.za