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Legrand’s range of Zucchini busbars, which forms part of the company’s complete power distribution system, has critical advantages over conventional cable installations. The versatility of this system means easy adaptation to layout modifications or expansion of the existing installation environment.

“These high power busbars, which are designed for the safe and efficient distribution of electricity in industrial, commercial and service sector applications, are fast and efficient to install,” explains Luk Ivens, general manager, Legrand Southern Africa. “This system accommodates current and future planning of power distribution systems to meet the high demands of modern installations and complex requirements. This flexibility is more difficult to achieve when using traditional cables because the wiring installation has to be in series and is therefore not easily adjustable to design and installation variables.”

An important advantage of selecting Legrand components for efficient, safe and flexible power distribution is the immediate integration between the company’s busbar trunking systems, cast resin transformers and XL³ cabinets.

These busbar trunking systems, with minimum overall dimensions, provide flexibility in all areas, including confined spaces. Aluminium or copper busbars and cast resin transformers are equipped with various accessories to provide maximum versatility for any type of power application and in any environment, including areas which are subjected to high thermal stress.

This system is also suitable for environments where there is equipment sensitive to electromagnetic interferences and in the presence of a large number of people. Legrand’s certified low emission (CLE) cast resin transformers can be installed with high power busbars to minimise electromagnetic emissions.

Safety is important in the design of all components. The absence of fuel masses in Legrand’s cast resin transformers is combined with a low fire load typical of busbars. This feature increases the intrinsic safety of a building against the propagation of a possible fire. This fire retardant range is tested for fire resistance according to DIN 4102-09 and EN 1366-3 standards.

The connections of high power busbar line elements have reliable mechanical interlocks for easy installation. This design eliminates errors and prevents potential dangers which can occur with conventional systems when starting up the system.

Legrand’s range of high power products for electrical installations and information networks encompasses distribution, automation panels and protection equipment, as well as cable management systems.

The company offers a technical advisory and support service throughout Southern Africa.