Linden Comansa to exhibit revised tower crane at Marseille’s “JDL” tradeshow

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LINDEN COMANSA, with collaborator SODETRAM, will be at Marseille’s Palais des Expositions du Parc Chanot, exhibiting a 11LC90 flat-top tower crane with maximum load capacity of 5 tons. This crane is part of the LC1100 series, which has been recently revised and has many new features, like:

–  The inclusion of frequency variation in the slewing movement.

– The unification of two electrical cabinets at the apex element in a single cabinet, now located in the cabin platform. This solution optimizes the space, facilitates maintenance and speeds up the assembly and disassembly of the crane.

LINDEN COMANSA has previously exhibited in other professional fairs in France, but this will be the first time at “JDL”, thanks to collaborator SODETRAM, a company specialized in providing equipment for large construction projects. SODETRAM and LINDEN COMANSA work in partnership since 2013, mainly for export, in particular to the North Africa countries such as Algeria and Morocco.

French tradeshow “Journées du Levage” (JDL) is, since years ago, the main meeting point for professionals of the lifting sector in France, and also in its influence area, the Mediterranean and Africa countries. This year, the fair will not be celebrated in Beaune, but for the first time in Marseille, major port center and second largest city of France, as well as home of many national and international lifting market actors.