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With the world, not least Southern Africa, succumbing to the reality of facing severe water scarcity, it is now generally accepted that storage tanks are a product of choice for various uses.
In 2002, during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (also known as COP 8)a well-known environmentalist stated that he foresaw water becoming a rare commodity in the foreseeable future. Whilst some governments dismissed his comments at the time as being alarmist, the global reality of climate change and its effects on humanity has set in.
Brian Wilson,Sales & Marketing Manager of SBS Tanks, the company that first introduced the popular conceptof Zincalume storage tanks to the South African market, says there are four driving factors behind the demand for safe, effective water storage. They are:
• Water Conservation – More awareness of the Global Water Situation (shortages, drought, water quality, need for treatment etc.).
• Municipalities–National demand from communities that government fulfill promises on service delivery.
• Commercial/Industrial – Decreased confidence in reliability/security of water infrastructure has created demand for backup supply of process critical water requirements. In addition mandatory insurance industry requirements for fire suppression and automatic sprinkler installations dictate that businesses invest in back up water supply to protect key assets.
• Agriculture/Agri-Processing – Drought and unreliable supply of water for irrigation and process requirements.
Design considerations
In the current environment construction company buyers and others responsible for specifying or sourcing water storage solutions tend to favour a number of critical features which have a direct effect on the ease of installation, the safety of those working on site as well as the longevity and reliability of any storage tank. These key considerations are:
• A modular design suitable for transport and installation in remote, hard to access areas.
• Internal linings that are certified for potable water storage as well as alternative linings suitable for more aggressive liquids and/or more demanding environmental conditions.
• Capability to provide roofed or open top design.
• Manufacturing and installation under an SABS ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems certification
• Cost effectiveness and speed of installation.
• Long life expectancy (60 years plus); and
• Low maintenance requirements and costs
Customised Solutions
Over the years SBS has learned that clients’ needs often differ and as such, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable team and adaptable product range capable of achieving new and innovative solutions in water and liquid storage.
“Actually, every SBS Tanks® project is in some way customised to meet client requirements. Whether itis simply matching accessories such as inlet and outlet nozzle type and size to the client’s needs, branding the tank for a commercial site or matching the tank colour to the surrounding environment for aesthetic reasons SBS® goes the extra mile to assist our customers. This drive to provide the highest level of service covers all aspects related to the manufacture, supply and installation of their water storage solution requirement,” comments Wilson.
Longevity, after-sale service & product warranty
With SBS Tanks® having an engineered design and being produced in a world class SABS ISO9001:2008 manufacturing facility they are extremely durable and thus there is generally minimal requirement for after-sales service. “This is actually one of our unique selling points to our customers. SBS Tanks® come with a 10 year conditional no leak guarantee and 1 year warranty on parts and workmanship as a standard offering. Should clients require after-sales service, SBS® is fully equipped with spares and technical staff to assist should the need arise,” says Wilson.
Latest innovations
Being at the forefront of innovation within the industry (Zincalume® bolted steel tanks with liners), SBS® is constantly striving not only to improve its product offering but to widen the variety of applications in which it can be used. Historically used only for potable water, SBS Tanks® are also capable of storing treated water, effluent, sewerage and even leachate by means of engineered body and roof designs along with specialised internal linings.