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Lorusso heavy equipment introduces new mecalac machines

Lorusso has added two more Mecalac equipment models to its lineup — the AX Series articulated wheel loader and the AF Series 4 wheel steered loader. LHE was quick to demonstrate them when the company hosted a demo event April 22 in Walpole, Mass., allowing contractors to test out the new machines, as well as the popular MCR skid-excavator.

AX Series Articulated Wheel Loader

Lorusso is offering the AX850. Bucket volumes range from .9 to 1.9 cu. yds. (0.7 to 1.5 cu m) and are available in widths of 5.2 to 6 ft. (1.60 to 1.85 m). With a height of less than 8.2 ft. (2.5 m), transporting the loader at an overall height of 13.1 (4 m) ensures easy and cost efficient transportation for most contractors.

The machine’s temperature-dependent fan control ensures the lowest noise emission and minimal fuel consumption and the AX series boasts durability, low running costs, ease of operation, simplified maintenance and an attractive design, according to Mecalac.

The Monoboom — Abundant Power

The rigid monoboom of the AX series features high tear-out forces. Cables and hoses are protected and out of the operator’s field of vision. The protected internal Z-kinematics allow perfect parallel guidance for attachments, according to Mecalac, which translates to a high degree of safety, particularly when loading pallets. Fast cycles and high visibility of the attachments make daily work even more efficient.

Ideal on Rough Terrain — Powerful During Operation

The Mecalac concept consists of a self-stabilizing articulated pendulum joint that transfers the center of gravity from the rear end of the loader to below the pendulum axis, which results in not only increasing the stability of the machine, but also correlates to better driving comfort and optimum stability on rugged terrain.

360-Degree Operator Vision

Constriction is a thing of the past with the Mecalac AX wheel loader. The spacious cabin and the ergonomically laid out controls offer a convenient workplace for long-term work. Large tinted windows ensure an excellent all-around visibility. The panoramic roof allows for an exact overhead view, ideal when loading trucks. A multi-position comfort seat, glove-box with ample storage space and a powerful three-stage ventilation and heating system make daily work a pleasure and because of numerous equipment options, individual demands on the interior features can easily be fulfilled, according to Mecalac.

AF Series 4 Wheel Steered Loaders

The robust, rigid chassis with four-wheel steering is the basis for maximum stability at maximum performance because the footprint remains unchanged at all times, according to Mecalac. As a result, no tipping load loss occurs when the loader is in a steered position. A small turning radius ensures optimum agility, even on the most confined job sites. Less steering and driving motion reduces ground compaction, and the monoboom adds to the famed agility and flexibility of the loader that lets operators quickly and efficiently complete every task. Lorusso is offering the AF1050 and the AF1200 models.

The Mecalac-designed monoboom stands out with two key features:

• the large and bulky normal loader boom shape was converted into a sleek, elegant design offering the operator an improved view on the attachments and the work environment, which enables a comfortable and safe working environment;

• the Mecalac slide roof construction protects cylinders, cables and hydraulic hoses against atmospheric conditions and dropping material, and simultaneously, the components’ service life can be increased considerably.

Inside Booster

During loading, the additional compensation cylinder integrated into the monoboom can increase the lifting force by up to 30 percent. Paired with the Z-kinematics (which ensure high tear-out forces and optimum parallel lifting), the monoboom provides more power for daily work tasks without increased added fuel consumption, according to Mecalac. This power boost is particularly noticeable when lifting bulk loads.

“The AX and AF Series are the perfect complement to Mecalac’s MCR skid-excavator because they are also ideal for small or large construction sites that have confined work areas, such as in landscaping or farming,” said AJ Lorusso, president of Lorusso Heavy Equipment. “We are excited to add this new series to our existing fleet, and so far, the feedback from customers has been great.”

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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