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mac3-portable-compressorsNew French manufacturer of hydraulic tools MAC3 has introduced its first range of portable compressors incorporating a design that allows them to be switched between skid-mounted and trailer mounted configuration in minutes.

There are four compressors in the MSP range with working pressures of 7 bar and free air deliveries of between 2.2 and 3.2 m3/min. All have two air outlets, allowing the unit to power two tools at one time.

MAC3, based Saint-Cyprien near St Etienne, was created in 2011 by a group of former ex-Sullair Europe employees, including former Sullair Europe managing director Christelle Linossier, who is now managing director of MAC3.

Ms Linossier told IRN that the company started by producing hydraulic hammers and tools, but for the last year and a half has been developing the portable compressors, which are now being launched.

“The reception for the new compressors has been great”, she said, “The big difference with other compressors is that you can switch from wheels to skid mounted very quickly. Traditionally people have had to choose between wheeled or skid.” She said mounting the skid unit onto the axle and trailer takes just minutes.

The initial sales focus has been on France but the company is now targeting export sales and is looking for dealers.

All four MSP compressors use three-cylinder Kubota engines (with ratings from 16.7 kW to 22.8 kW). The skid mounted units weigh between 480 and 520 kg while adding the trailer undercarriage adds 120 kg to the weight. The compressors are also compact, with a width of just 0.75 m.