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Making a Statement with RHEINZINK

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

For architects, developers and building owners, in today’s age of sustainable construction, there is a new dimension of appreciation and application for architectural detail and materials. Being an innovative contemporary building material, zinc with its natural surface, has for decades played a major role in international architecture. RHEINZINK – an alloy consisting of 99.995 % high purity zinc with precise defined additions of titanium and copper, is an ecological material that over time, develops a patina that protects its inner zinc core, making the material last for generations.

Known for its quality, durability and lasting value, RHEINZINK allows design ideas to be implemented, giving a cost-effective answer to façade cladding and roofing. Additions using water drainage systems, roof dormers, canopies, chimneys and with neat, simple zinc trims to windows and roof/cladding edges, a stylish accomplishment can be achieved.

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For further information please contact their Sub-Saharan RHEINZINK agent ‘Wilkinson Architectural Metals’ directly via: [email protected]




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