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Marmoleum marbled flooring for high spec projects

The new Marmoleum Marbled collection by Forbo Flooring Systems complements the so-called Marmoleum Solid and Linear collections stocked by FloorworX. The collection is presented as a modern classic and the new designs offer beautiful visuals that add value to the concept of FloorworX’s marbled portfolio.

The collection has two new designs, Terra and Splash. Terra has a close and highly contrasting structure inspired by igneous rock, creating a sophisticated small-scale marble.

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Splash is a modern playful design which from a distance appears light grey with a slight nuance in tone. Up close, however, surprising colours peek through.

Bringing nature inside

The colours of the new Marmoleum Marbled collection are all derived from nature. Marbled designs blend well into the indoor environment, combining with other natural materials such as wood, stone and textiles. Not only does this flooring range bring nature inside, it also connects perfectly with current interior design trends.

Flooring with a CO2 neutral status

The product is manufactured from natural raw materials; low in emission, free from plasticisers and synthetic additives, thereby contributing to a healthy indoor environment.

The collection is CO2 neutral, as each square metre of Marmoleum Marbled actually makes a negative contribution of -4 grams of CO2 emission. The amount of CO2 that is emitted during the production chain is entirely offset by the CO2 that is absorbed by the natural raw materials such as plants and trees during their lifetime before they are harvested. The life cycle process of Marmoleum is documented in an independent, third party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

The fact that Marmoleum attained a CO2 neutral status is a major achievement in their endeavour to create better environments. Furthermore, it is available as conductive flooring (Marmoleum Ohmex) and acoustic flooring (Marmoleum Decibel, Marmoleum Acoustic), offering 18db and 14dB sound reduction.

Forbo has developed 2.5mm Marmoleum FR for areas where extended fire retardancy protection is required. This new variant has an improved reaction to fire classification: Bfl-s1, G, CS according to EN 13501-1. This product is also classified as a D-s2, d0 wallcovering in accordance with EN 15102. Marmoleum FR is available on request and minimum order quantities and lead times apply.

Marmoleum Marbled flooring is versatile in its application, durable in use and easy to install. It is an excellent flooring choice for almost all application areas such as in the healthcare, school, hospitality and retail sectors.


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Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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