The mastervolt mass-combi ultra redefining power systems

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Mastervolt, the Dutch based leader in off grid electrical systems, is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Mass Combi Ultra series: a compact inverter/charger combination with a smart transfer system, highly efficient MPPT solar charge regulator and separated second charger. All enclosed in a rugged quality housing that is easy to install.

Following the ever-increasing demand for higher power and more comfort, systems are getting more and more complex. Therefore the Mastervolt team went back to the drawing board and started with a clean sheet to design the best product in the market fulfilling today’s and tomorrow’s needs. With the Mass Combi Ultra, Mastervolt has taken the approach to integrate all common needs of an electrical system in order to simplify installations and lower overall cost whilst also increasing performance.

The Mastervolt engineering team has designed state of the art technology, resulting in a product with excellent user benefits. Greatest achievements are the latest V6 high frequency converter technology in combination with the ultra-fast and powerful DSP controls. Complex technology leading to strong user benefits like a low “no load” current preventing your batteries to drain and extreme peak power capability allowing high current loads like air conditioning to start-up easily without power dips or light flickering. Another benefit is the high efficiency, leading to the most compact product in its class. The Mass Combi Ultra is 40% more powerful than the previous range of Mastervolt Combi’s with the same footprint.

The Mass Combi Ultra holds separated AC inputs for the generator and shore power and two separated AC outputs. The generator input can handle almost 12kW (50A) and the shore input up to 7kW (30A), which, due to the ultra-fast controls, transfer seamlessly to and from the inverter. This ensures permanent power on the AC output without flickering or switching off sensitive devices like computers. One of the two outputs is permanently powered to supply critical loads like fridges and audio systems. The other output is for non-preferential loads like a water heater that can be switched off automatically at any desired setting, always to the benefit of the critical loads.

On the DC side the Mass Combi Ultra has very interesting features like the solar input and the independent second output. Mastervolt has used the knowledge gained in the grid connected solar business to make a super-efficient built-in MPPT solar charge regulator. Better than most separate solar charge regulators on the market, the MPPT ensures maximum harvesting of solar power to charge your batteries. The independent second output can charge batteries with the same voltage as the service battery, but also a 12V starter or bow thruster battery when the service set is 24V; a handy function that simplifies installation and reduces costs for the end user.

The Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 can provide 3,500W inverter power continuously at 40oC, and 200% peak power. The Mass Combi Ultra comes with the most powerful battery charger in its class with an unmatched 100A at full charge voltage, resulting in fast charge of the main battery. The pure DC voltage ensures interference-free operation of DC appliances and extends the battery life.

The Mass Combi Ultra functionality goes beyond stand-alone operation, the design allows parallel and three phase operation for larger applications up to 35kW. Installation and connection has been made quick and easy by a logic ordering, solid terminals and removing the need for cable glands. The non-preferential AC output can be customised via the MasterBus system.

“We launched the Mass Combi Ultra to cater for the rapidly evolving market, both afloat and ashore,’ explained Daan Hobbelen, Mastervolt’s Product Manager Power Conversion & Storage. “This compact box of advanced electronics adds a solar input, a generator input, and a parallel connection, all with very quiet operation. For the commercial and industrial sector, there is more power available along with the option for three phase operation. Yet despite all this added functionality, we’ve kept it all in the same footprint. The Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 is just the first of a series of models that will address power demands up to 7000W. It’s a huge leap forward, setting new industry standards.”