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Minà combines the highest expressions of tradition and technology in a new-concept multifunctional island. The essence and details of its form draw on the purest archetype and have strong proto-industrial connotations. But the suggestions of this bygone style, from the red knobs to the extraction hoods, are daringly modernized and the personality thus created will stand up to and dialogue with interiors of all kinds: modern, traditional and classic.

This is a kitchen that becomes a “forge”, where fire is not just a cooking medium but a creative force. In addition to the classical island version, Minà is also available in version “wall”, in order to be placed in every kind of ambiance. Without limits on its size or modularity, Minà can be installed in rooms of all kinds: from the open space of a loft to the small city apartment.

Minà Professional in steel reinforces and underlines this “machine’s” tactile strength. It is made from laser-cut steel, painted a “graphite” black colour to evoke the soot that clung to the old stoves. The special stove enamel used gives the steel a tactile looks and is particularly tough.

The Mammut extractor hood combines the functionality of industrial exhaust fans with a personal style that makes it perfectly suitable in the home. A truly unique design object, it becomes even more appealing due to the graphite black metal used to create it. Mammut also comes in a “mini” version to adapt to less spacious environments.

Also the worktop is made of a very particular material, deriving from the Italian tradition: Cocciopesto tiles, in different red shades. This precious material, made of smashed bricks then kneaded with cement, is purely handmade by local craftsmen.

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