New honeycomb ventilation panels 9500 series

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Shielded vent panels for ventilation and heating

Honeycomb vents are used to shield openings for heating and ventilation against undesirable electromagnetic waves.

The aluminum honeycomb ventilation panels are supplied in rigid aluminium frames, pre-drilled or with fasteners made to your specifications or flow drilled thread holes.

If a very high shielding level is required, the use of cross-cell honeycombs is recommended. These are made from two pieces of 6.35 mm or 12.7 mm thick honeycomb within a single frame. The shielding performance will improve slightly at the expense of  increased air flow resistance.

Easy mounting ventilation panels in any size
240 different shapes with or without EMI gasket
Delivery in just a few days
Light weight aluminum, stainless- or mild-steel
High EMI shielding performance
Very low air-flow resistance
Reduction of turbulence
Straight openings
Cross cells
Cells under 45 degrees (slant version) so that you can’t look through and to prevent water damage
With an easy changeable dust filter, integrated or separate
Many different frame types of this ventilation panel are available to suit your application