New Lubegard’s multi-vehicle dual clutch transmission fluid

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Dual Clutch Transmissions are the fastest growing passenger car transmissions in the world.  LUBEGARD introduces LUBEGARD’s Multi-Vehicle Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid designed to provide extreme pressure protection in high performance DCT vehicles.  It is manufactured with the highest quality base oils and performance additives producing improved shifting proficiency at all ambient temperatures. This formula is infused with proprietary LXE, which provides friction durability, unrivaled shear stability, and superior wear protection.

LUBEGARD’s Multi-Vehicle DCTF has been rigorously tested and evaluated against OEM approved fluids and proven superior in third party standardized tests in

·         Frictional Durability

·         Load Carrying Performance

·         Seal Performance

LUBEGARD’s Multi-Vehicle DCTF is the service solution for more than 99% of the wet- clutch style DCT passenger vehicles giving our customers the ability to stock one technologically superior DCTF at a price that outperforms the competition.

This proprietary formula will be available from Dec. 1, 2014.