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With the next generation of “Projection”, Vorwerk flooring is bringing out a collection for business sites that displays boundless design options. Whether tried-and-true or brand new, the carpet products appear in fresh colours, ingenious shapes and varied structures. “Projection” consists of multiple components that shall be presented in January 2015 for the first time at the BAU exposition in Munich and the Domotex trade fair in Hanover, Germany: Projection #CUT and Projection #LOOP, TEXtiles, Elementary Shapes and FACTUM.

The elements in “Projection” set themselves apart due to a variety of special features. The base frame is formed by the collection portfolios entitled “Projection #CUT” and “Projection #LOOP”. They unite already proven and newly developed products for business sites. Vorwerk flooring drew up a trend-oriented colour concept in designing the portfolios. As a result of these newly interpreted ‘carpet cases’, Vorwerk is exploring completely new avenues in marketing while once again setting accents in the industry, too.

The “TEXtiles” product line describes a carpet-tile collection that combines classics and new, free-style shapes. Vorwerk flooring has been producing these textile tiles that contain neither bitumen nor PVCs since 2009. Additional variations in textures, shapes and colours mean that they can now be utilised and combined with even greater diversity.

The collection “Elementary Shapes” by Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger equally concerns itself with the topic of free-form shapes and offers new facets in geometry, colours and materials for floor architecture.

Yet another aspect of “Projection” is posed by “FACTUM”. Tufted and woven products in muted colours and accented hues are set together in a practical case format with shoulder strap: the best basis for conducting business related to small contract sites.

This wide-ranging spectrum of nuances, textures and geometries for designing business sites breaks with traditional norms in flooring design and provides a wealth of new possibilities for architects and planners. While doing so the products continue to comply with the high standards in quality and aesthetics that Vorwerk flooring has always stood for. The products in the two “Projection” portfolios, in “TEXtiles” andthose in the “FACTUM” case have all been tested for the presence of harmful substances and their ability to bind fine dust particles – as attested to by the “Life Balance” seal of approval – and are consequently suitable for people with allergies, too.

Vorwerk flooring is one of the leading international suppliers of high-quality carpets, carpet tiles and elastic, organic flooring. All Vorwerk products for residential living spaces and the commercial, site-oriented sector are produced in Germany. Innovation, quality and ecology form the basis of all activities at Vorwerk, and always with a concerned eye towards people’s well-being. All of the collections are comprised of highgrade models oriented towards diversity, all the way to fascinating luxury collections which can also be custom-made individually on request. Above and beyond these, Vorwerk offers collections and special editions that originate in co-operation with internationally renowned architects, designers and artists. These and other cultural projects form the cultural essence of the brand. Vorwerk flooring stands for sophistication, creativity and intelligence revolving around the central theme of the floor. And turn Vorwerk flooring into a supportive element of architecture, as well as a coveted design brand that is much in demand, time and again.