New SafEye 950/960 Toxic Gas Detectors from Spectrex

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Spectrex, Inc. has released the newest additions to the SafEye Open Path Gas Detector range. The 950 and 960 series detectors have recently been included and detect toxic Hydrogen Sulfide gas and toxic Ammonia gas, respectively, both with path lengths of up to 263ft (80m). The Quasar 950 and 960 models can be tailored to protect your personnel and high-risk installation. Reliability is key and is assured with SIL2 (pending).

All Quasar 950/960 detectors incorporate heated windows to minimize any effects from condensation, icing, and snow and are totally immune to interference from sunlight or any other sources of radiation such as flare stacks, arc welding or lightning. A range of outputs are available including mA, HART, Modbus RS485 to suit all control systems.

Spectrex, Inc. is the world leader in the Flame and Open Path Gas Detectors field and is fully committed to enhance the safety of your employees, capital investments and to the environment. Being the first to launch major innovations that have become trade standards such as the first UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detector designs, Spectrex continues to offer over 40 different Flame Detector designs to meet application challenges from Offshore to Mall Floors, from Alaska to Malaysia. Spectrex was first to incorporate the Xenon Flash in OPGD detectors to solve false alarm issues common in the industry. Today, over 28 major OPGD designs are offered by Spectrex for continuous hydrocarbon and toxic gas monitoring.