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The new Super 2000-3i asphalt paver from VöGEEL

Etihad Rail Project
Etihad Rail Project

The Super 2000-3i features a basic width of 10 ft. (3.05 m) and a maximum paving width of 28 ft. (8.6 m). It has a top placement rate of 1,540 tph (1,400 mtph). The tracked Super 2000-3i is designed primarily for use in highway construction and large-scale commercial applications, which are all about power and productivity.

Power plant. Three main components define the power unit of a Super 2000-3i: its mod-ern, liquid-cooled diesel engine, a splitter gear box flanged directly to the engine, and a large cooler assembly.

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With a powerful, 6-cylinder Cummins QSB6.7 -C250 engine rated at 250 hp (186 kW @ 2000 rpm) and high-output hydraulic drives, the Super 2000-3i is fully equipped for robust applications.

This power plant is Tier 4 final emissions-compliant, and provides an excellent horse-power-to-weight ratio. Yet its fuel-saving ECO mode is sufficient for many applications. Even in ECO mode, the Super 2000-3i still has a full 234 hp (175 kW) at its disposal, while the machine generates even less noise when running at just 1,700 rpm.

Its large fuel tank holds 100 gal., suitable for more than a day’s work. Both low fuel con-sumption and low-noise operation are made possible by intelligent engine management with ECO mode. The Super 2000-3i offers daily- maintenance-free operation with auto-lubrication and more.

Drive system. The Super 2000-3i features an innovative and reliable drive concept for accurate tracking. All drive components, including the three-phase generator, are sup-plied from the central splitter gear box and operate at maximum efficiency. High-traction crawler tracks efficiently convert drive power into forward motion.

A large cooler assembly ensures that the power unit always delivers its full output. With innovative air routing and a variable-speed fan, temperatures are continually maintained within the optimum range, significantly extending the service life of both the diesel engine and the hydraulic oil. A further advantage is that the machine can operate without difficulty in all climates.

Because all hydraulic elements are supplied with hydraulic oil directly from the splitter gearbox, all pumps and valves are combined in one spot that is easily accessible for maintenance work. Even the powerful generator for screed heating is flanged directly onto the splitter gearbox. Its integrated oil cooling system makes it completely maintenance-free and very quiet.

With its new mounting system, the paver operator’s console can be shifted even more conveniently and easily between the right and left sides of the operator’s stand. In addi-tion, it now has a large color display that ensures good readability even in poor lighting conditions.

All controls are clearly arranged. Paver functions are clustered in logical groups so that operators find their controls just where they would expect them to be.


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Dennis Ayemba
Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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