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Heat-pumpFor many years Ariston, world leader in the heating sector, has chosen a green path to follow, with the ultimate aim of reaching 80percent of its revenues from high efficiency and renewable products by 2020; for this reason it has been investing in the most advanced technology of its sector in order to help create a greener future for generations to come.

Thanks to the research, they have developed the new heat pump water heater range named NUOS.

These products are efficient and capable of heating a high quantity of water with an extremely low consumption of electricity, as they absorb the heat directly from the external air.

NUOS range uses a thermodynamic cycle to heat the water inside the storage tank through the air sucked by the thermal group inverting the heat natural flow.

A refrigerant fluid (R134A), through status changes, compression and expansion cycles, withdraws the heat in the air at low temperature and gives it to domestic water at a higher temperature. This is the reverse mechanism to the one used in refrigerators. The product electric consumption is only the one necessary to let the fan (that captures the air) and the compressor (that allows the refrigerant fluid to circulate in the system) work.

By absorbing the free and ecologic heat directly from the air, the heat pumps are the best example of recent technology in complete harmony with the environment.

NUOS heat pump water heater range is available both in mono block and split version (with an external unit), and can be installed both on the wall and on the floor, with a capacity from 80 up to 300 litres. In the new buildings NUOS range can be used as an alternative to the solar thermal as renewable energy source or combined with it to achieve the maximum saving and comfort.

Additional flexibility is given by the many functions (boost, green, auto, and voyage) on the user friendly interface that allow the end user to decide its personalized level of comfort.

The advantages of a heat pump water heater NUOS EVO concern not only the ecology but also the lower installation and running costs, also compared to the solar thermal. For these reasons, today NUOS EVO is a really a smart investment.

Efficiency means lower consumption: the heat pump water heater ensures energy and cost saving up to 75% thus ensuring a very short payback period, comparing its performances to those of an electric water heater with the same capacity.

Considering the growing cost of electricity, efficiency will play more and more a primary role in the purchasing of a water heater: in this scenario NUOS represents a “future-proof” investment.


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