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Reinforcing geogrids offer roads without potholes and cracks – every driver’s dream

Reinforcing geogrids are now an essential part of transport infrastructure protection, contributing to the functional and safe operation of asphalt roads, motorways and airports.

Manufactured in the Czech Republic, the ADFORS GlasGrid product line offers several types of fiberglass geogrids for reinforcing asphalt pavements designed for fast, easy and efficient installation. The geogrids can be used both for the reinforcement of area-wide and for local repairs.  Their use prevents the propagation of reflective cracks to the surface, thus extending the life of asphalt layers by up to three times and cutting maintenance costs by half. Fiberglass grids protected by a temperature-resistant polymer coating are very easy to mill, they are fully recyclable and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

The use of reinforcing geogrids can be divided into three types of applications. Area-wide repairs, local repairs and special repairs.

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For area-wide repairs with application to a flat surface (existing or new surface), self-adhesive geogrids are the right reinforcing solution enabling quick repairs without the application of tack-coat under the grid. By pressing the grid against the surface, the adhesive is activated and adhesion occurs. Geocomposites that combine geogrid with non-woven fabric are a suitable alternative for milled surfaces. They are laid in a fresh emulsion. After curing, the required adhesion to the surface occurs.

SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS CZ offers solutions for local repairs of asphalt pavements in critical spots like potholes, joints, utility trench and around manholes.  The composite geogrid – patch – consists of a fibreglass grid, non-woven fabric and a thin layer of modified asphalt for perfect adhesion to the surface. ADFORS GlasGrid PG significantly reduces repair because no bonding spray is required for application. A ring-shaped patch can be used to protect the areas around manholes.

Geogrid can also be used for special repairs of surfaces overlaid with mastic asphalt to eliminate asphalt flowing during the curing process and protect the surface against micro-cracks. Constructions or repairs of commercial parking areas and tram lanes are good candidates for the ADFORS GlasGrid application.

The manufacturer SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS CZ supplies reinforcements to Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. They are applied to roads, motorways and airport surfaces. They have gained popularity thanks to their simple, trouble-free application and high efficiency in crack protection. The use of fibreglass geogrids is environmentally friendly. They are made from mineral raw materials, they are fully recyclable and, by extending the life of the road, significantly reduce the production of CO2 emissions associated with road maintenance and repair.

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