SAMSON Launches new to BLT SA’s range MF0814T material feeder on tracks

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New to BLT SA’s range of SAMSON bulk materials handling equipment is the recently launched MF0814T material feeder on tracks, for enhanced manoeuvrability,

“This new tracked machine, which is modelled on the original Samson® material feeder, has been developed to meet the demands of the mining and quarrying sector,” says Keith Dowie, project development manager for BLT SA’s SAMSON bulk materials handling equipment. “These automated handling systems are designed to join together fixed and mobile equipment, offering flexibility and an economical alternative to expensive fixed bulk handling installations.

“This new robust MF0814T tracked material feeder, with a holding capacity of up to 100 tons, is designed for high accuracy in discharge control and can operate efficiently in arduous environments. This system can efficiently handle materials with a bulk density up to 3,2 t/m³ and lumps up to 400 mm. Typical materials include limestone, coal and coke, raw slag, alternative fuels, clays and shale, as well as heavy mineral ores.”

This system, which is a flexible and cost efficient alternative to conventional underground hoppers, is installed above ground by simply being bolted to a flat concrete slab foundation, eliminating costly civil engineering works. Even in fixed installations this portable system can be easily relocated for future plant development.

Samson material feeders are suitable for heavy duty applications with continuous use, including impact loading from articulated dump trucks and large loading shovels, providing a buffer storage capacity, without the need for large ramps or underground pits. Since material is drawn from the tipping truck in a controlled stream, dust generation is significantly reduced, minimising environmental pollution.

A wide belt design, with vertical hopper sides, enables fast truck discharge and the efficient conveying of any material, without the risk of blockage. Steel apron bar technology provides the strength of an apron feeder, with clean operation. Conveyor chains are always outside the material flow, which means chain wear is reduced and inspection is easy.

Keith Dowie,
Project Development Manager
[email protected]