Sarens adds a Quick Move Adapter to its crane offer in Canada

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As part of its commitment to continuous innovation in order to meet any possible need of its customers, Sarens has incorporated to its commercial offer in Canada a Quick Move Adapter specifically designed by the company, allowing crane relocation with 96 meters of boom vs 24 M without it. The use of this device provides a significant competitive advantage to both Sarens and its customers, as it improves relocation timeline and client schedule from 5 days to 2.5 days per move.

Until now, when Sarens needed to move any of its crawler cranes to a new location onsite, it was necessary firstly dismantle some sections of the boom to a length that would allow it to be transported, and then install it again at its destination, which multiplied the time needed to make it operative once again. Thanks to this innovative device designed and created by Sarens, this time is reduced by half, thus reducing the operating time of the technical teams on site and increasing the efficiency of the entire operation.

This new Quick Move Adapter will be used for the first time in Canada on the construction of the new Jenner wind farm in southeastern Alberta, in which Sarens is participating on behalf of Borea Construction, to lift the new Enercon E-160 EPS E3 5.56MW turbines, the first of this type to be manufactured by Enercon. For this job, Sarens has used an CC3800 in LSL+LF_12 configuration, with Boom Booster and an articulating blade gripper, which will also be used for the first time in the country.

The Quick Move Adapter to be used at the Jenner wind farm is only the first to be added to Sarens’ commercial offering in Canada. Demag, the manufacturer, is currently working on three other devices that will arrive shortly. However, this is not the first time that Sarens has used a Quick Move Adapter in its international fleet, as it has had this type of devices since 2016, when it was used in its construction work at the Bad Wünnenberg wind farm in Germany.

According to Paul Betts, Project Manager at Sarens, “using the new Quick Move Adapter on the new Jenner wind farm not only confirms Sarens’ dominant position in our industry in terms of technology development, but also how our team is ideally suited to any possible task or technological challenge, with a clear focus on customer satisfaction and efficiency on any job”.

The Jenner wind farm, which will be commissioned in spring 2023, will be operated by Potentia Renewable. In total, it will have 55 turbines, which will be installed in three phases: 22 in the first phase, 13 in the second phase, and 20 in the third phase. In addition, it will have a 113 m hub height and 7 tower sections -3MST sections (site assembled) and 4 HST sections (pre-assembled)-.

Sarens has a long history developing wind projects in Canada. These include the Whitla Wind project, the Golden South Wind Project in Assiniboia and more recently, the Blue Hill Project in Saskatchewan. In the latter case, Sarens contributed to the transport and erection of 50 wind turbines at their final destination. This facility will be responsible for generating up to 200MW of renewable energy, enough to power up to 100,000 homes, and will bring an economic impact of over $45M to its community.

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