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The Solar Power Dome Light

The Solar Power Dome Light provides years of worry free illumination. Capable of lighting an area 100 square feet the Solar Power Dome Light is ideal for off the electrical grid locations, where reliable electrical service is intermittent or where costly wiring installations are required.

Solar Power Dome Light On/Off switch operates in manual or automatic modes delivering up to 24 hours of continuous lighting from the four LEDs.  Manufactured with a high efficiency solar panel engineered to provide 20+ years of service, the panel produces 1 watt of electricity that charges 4 AA 2200 mA NiMH batteries, which power four high intensity white light LEDs with a rated lifetime of 50,000 hours. Rechargeable batteries are included.

Solar Power Dome Light housing is injection molded from rugged ABS plastic capable of withstanding years of outside exposure including temperature ranges of -4 F (-20c) to 176 F (60C). A waterproof gasket forms a tight seal preventing leaks around the compact footprint, which is only 3 5/8 inch (92mm) in diameter.  Solar Power Dome Light standard design supports installation in a solid roof structure up to ¼ inch in thickness. Additional roof thicknesses can be accommodated with the optional adapter. Solar Power Dome Light can also be installed in temporary shelters including tents.

The light is particularly well suited to provide lighting in third world locations where shelter consists of huts or to provide essential light during emergency relief efforts.  Manufacturer in the USA the Solar Power Dome Light is backed by a limited 1 year warranty.

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