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The TMAX 30K service body can accept up a service crane rated up to 30,000 lb.-ft The TMAX 30K service body can accept up a service crane rated up to 30,000 lb.-ft. The body weighs 1,000 pounds less than the TMAX 1.

Torq-Isolator torsion box understructure and crane compartment isolates the crane’s lifting forces into the stabilizers and chassis frame rather than into the storage compartments. Side compartments are build with 14-gauge galvanneal steel, with double-panel aluminum doors that have a bonded internal hat channel. It uses stainless steel billet style hinges, 3-point stainless steel compression latches, and double spring over center door closures to keep door in a positive open or closed position.

Built to the highest standards demanded of all Stellar products, the TMAX 30K  by Stellar Industries offers the most complete turnkey packages available with a heavy-duty steel body, air compressor, drawer system and available options.

The Stellar TC Series cranes offer a combination of European compact design and refinement with American control sensibilities. The TC Series is a tall mast telescopic crane commonly referred to as a “T-Boom” crane. The design offers ultimate compactness to take up minimal bed space, yet offers up to 18.6 feet of hydraulic reach to maximize the load radius of the larger models.

The Stellar TC Series Cranes are normally powered by a PTO and pump located on the truck chassis. Stellar does offer an optional 12V power unit with integral hydraulic reservoir as an option.

The Stellar also offers suggested mounting designs for flatbed installations, as well as integral base systems to mount in the front of a truck body.

Stellar Industries, Inc., located in Garner, Iowa, was established in 1990 as the first US corporation to design and manufacture a domestic hydraulic hook lift hoist. Since its inception, Stellar has created over 40 different hook lift models featuring single-pivot, double-pivot and sliding jib designs.

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