The Gehl vertical-lift V400 skid loader

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the-gehl-vertical-lift-v400-skid-loaderThe Gehl vertical-lift V400 skid loader boasts a rated operating capacity of 4,000 lbs. (1,814 kg) and a true vertical lift height of 144 in. (365 cm).

The all-new V400 is a true vertical lift machine, which means the lift path follows a vertical line as opposed to an “s” shaped path offered by other vertical-lift models. Lifting up to 144 in., the V400 can easily load high trailers and trucks.

“Gehl is excited to regain the throne as the world’s largest skid loader,” said Sean Bifani, product manager. “The V400 fulfills the market’s demand for a high capacity skid loader. Paired with its high lifting height, the V400 enters the high-end of the skid loader market, where product options are minimal. The V400 provides maximum capacity and the industry’s largest breakout force at 9,150 lbs.”